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How does the Long Song Incorporated sound?

Jacinta has proposed that we form New Zealand Youth Voice an incorporated society. It's not as scary as it sounds and there could be stacks of benefits in doing so.

This is a pretty important development so please make yourself heard by voting in this poll and/or leaving your comments.

Jacinta has also arranged a summary of previously raised thoughts on the issue.

ISDE5 and New Zealand

Cheers everyone for a wicked set of digital dialogue sessions. You can download the videos from these talks here:

June 5th 12 2 Big picture, sustainability
What is Digital Earth and how can it help us in reaching for sustainability?
What are the challenges and Achievements?
Right click here to download the video.

June 6th 12 2 Peace and Humanities
Peace index, peace mapping, human rights and technology.
How can we use new digital tools to bring peace to the world?
Right click to download the video (features inventors, astronauts and visionaries)

June 7th 12 2 Governance and indigenous peoples
Knowledge education and community,
the role of digitally empowered global citizens?
.Right click here to download the video (Features our favourite speakers from the past few days)

June 8th 12 2 Technology
The world biggest computer, what can they do and what are they doing?
Technology for survival of the future.
Right click here to download the video - featuring more of our favourite speakers and lots of discussion.

Also see this page with some intro stuff


you and i are by fate or destiny or otherwise, alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet. we have never had to create our own future for such serious reasons, or had such an opportunity to put our talents to use in such a purposeful way.

anything else you're interested in, anything you appreciate is not going to happen if you can't breathe clean air and drink clean water, is not going to happen for your children.

we invite you to not sit this one out, do something, join in the chorus, write your own words, or just listen.

the future needs you.

Love from Meg.

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